Burnout workshop



Modul I:  10:00-12:45 (2 breaks 5-10 min. each))

  1. What is burnout?
  2. What are the causes of stress at work?
  3. How to recognize a burnout syndrome?
  4. Am I motivated adequately to my job? Profiles of work experience.
  5. Is burnout a disease?
  6. WHO definition and burn-out indicators.
  7. Three dimensional Maslach burnout model .
  8. How does the risk of burnout arise in the organization?
  9. What does make people burnt-out?
  10. Organizational Care Index areas and how to measure burnout syndrome?

Break 15 minutes

Modul II: 13:00-14:40 (1x10min break included)

  1. Personalities at risk- who is more likely to suffer burnout?
  2. Neuroagility as a solution to developing the learing powers,people need to safeguarding themselves against burn-out.
  3. Burnout prevention tools.
  4. Role of resilience.
  5. Drafting a resilience plan.

Modul III: 14:40-16:3k0

  1. Burnout workshop summary. Presenting resilience plans.
  2.  Manager first aid kit.


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